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Spring Conference this year was held from 25 to 28 of March. There were 130 attendances, including Dadas, Didis and children. This year we welcomed Didi Ananda Danavrata, SWWS of Berlin Sector. With the there "Moving together within the universe of love", most of our activities guided the margiis to move together. Lectures regarding the spirit of AMPS, Prout and Neo Humanism were conducted.

This year, we had seen the developed skill of our margiis in organizing, running activities, taking care new people and food preparation. All worked in cooperatively. Didi SWWS expressed this to us before leaving when she said; "The margiis here are so nice, they are very cooperative, ready to help and work together, which I have not seen in other places of the sector"

  • by Ac. Devarainjan Brc.
  • RS Rome Region
  • 31 March 2016