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Summary of all directions to reach Ananda Vipasa Master Unit in Italy:

Where to fly:

Closest city is Verona (Villa Franca), it has its own airport but low-cost airlines are only flying in there from London. Low-cost airlines are flying to Milano (Bergamo), Venice, Bologna, Treviso (each of them are more or less at a same distance from Verona, it would take 2-4 hours to come to Verona, depending on train schedule).

So from whatever airport you are arriving, you would need to reach train station and then take a train to Verona. More convenient is to get a coach-bus to the city, otherwise there is a (cheaper but takes longer) public-bus option (in that case you would most certainly need to buy a ticket before boarding at a kiosk/tobacco shop at airport).

Your further travel options really depends on what time you arriving. You would need to research.

Regarding trains: It is possible to check schedule on internet: See Train Italia here.
There are express and regional trains in Italy. Unfortunately, the company has a policy of showing you options which involve taking fast trains (Freccabianka, Freccarossa or even Intercity), but there is no point of paying a lot of money if regional train (which runs mostly every hour or so) will go only 20-30 minutes longer.

So you always need to locate the button 'All solutions' otherwise those cheap options will not be shown. Same applies to vending machines when you are actually buying the tickets.

But please research your itinerary BEFORE you are coming, and do not try to check it point-to-point (as it will never show you).

You also need to validate the ticket (only once) before boarding the train in a special machine (yellow or grey-green) located on a station or before entering the platform.

And the last thing: You may get stuck if there is a strike (they happen quite often in Italy). There is almost no way to predict when it happens, but it includes only regional trains, not express. In case of strike you may need to take express train/bus/wait until strike is over (usually 9pm).

From Bologna: Take shuttle to train station (20 min) and then train to Domegliara (1 hr 50 min). Sometimes you need to change at Verona Porta Nuova (if the train is not going further) to any regional train in direction Bolzano, Brennero or Trento.

From Venice: Take coach or public bus to Mestre (20 min), then take train to Verona Porta Nuova (2 hrs)

From Venice-Treviso: Take coach to Mestre (50 min), then take train to Verona Porta Nuova (2 hrs). It is also possible to get public bus to Treviso (15 min) and then 1) train to Vicenza (1 hr 10 min) (not so frequent!) changing there to Verona Porta Nuova (50 min) or 2) to Mestre (25 min) and then to Verona (2 hrs).

From Milano-Bergamo: Take shuttle to Brescia if you can (they are not so frequent), then continue by train to Verona Porta Nuova (40 min). It is also possible to take a local bus (20 min) to Bergamo train station and then take train to Brescia (1 hr 5 min). Alternatively you can go to Milano (50 min) and then - to Verona (1 hr 55 min)

From Milano-Malpensa: Take coach to Milano Centrale (50 min), then by train to Verona Porta Nuova (1 hr 55 min)

From Verona (only if you are not on direct train from Bologna) you need to take another regional train which goes either to Bolzano, Brennero or Trento. Get a ticket to Domegliara (20 min) (it is next stop after Verona). Last evening departure from Verona Porta Nuova to Domegliara-S. Ambrogio is 22:50, arriving at 23:05.

Please inform us about your arrival in advance as we need to pick you up at a station.

Brother Satya mobile: +39-335-6097809

RS Dada Devarainjan mobile: +39-345-7231701 (also WhatsApp and Viber)

RS/L Didi Dayashiila mobile: +39-329-8348904

Bologna Jagrti landline: +39-051-0952549


Earliest departure from Domegliara- S. Ambrogio to Verona Porta Nuova is at 06:22, arriving 06:40. So take in consideration timing to go from Verona to your airport and plan your time accordingly.

By car: Exit highway A4 (Venezia-Milano) at Verona Nord, and then follow the state road in direction Trento. Take the exit for Valpolicella and follow the signs for San Ambrogio di Valpolicella. At the piazza in front of the church, follow the signs for Monte. After a few kilometers of winding uphill road, you will find on your left a parking space, and on the right an Enel electric tower. Lower parking on main road is at SP33c,34; at 45.555491 N, 10.845020 E. Across the street from the parking space is a small path climbing up the hill to Ananda Vipasa. Or continue onwards, make the next right turn onto Case Sparse Brolazzo. After a quarry on your left, you see the unpaved driveway to Oasi on your right (and an unrelated driveway on your left). Entrance to driveway is at Case Sparse Brolazzo, 3; at 45.556145 N, 10.847603 E. Drive inside and park on the grass next to the driveway.

Case Sparse Brolazzo 3
Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella 37015
Verona, Italia