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Gibraltar - A Short Story

Gibraltar Photo

The whole area between Morroco and spain extended up to the mailand called spain at present. The land extended up to the mailand Baba called peninsula One Historians mentioned location has given it an outsized significance in the history of Europe and its fortified town, established in medieval times, has hosted garrisons that sustained numerous sieges and battles over the centuries.

These places for Baba has significant history since the evolution of mankind.history shows significant discoveries of ancient items like arts of pottery etc and pre-historic skulls. Also in one of the book of Baba he mention the meaning of peninsula which we Ananda margiis must try . To get time to study what Baba has told on us during his visit in Spain. 1979 Baba was talking with several people in one of the Park in Valencia and Baba told immerables history of this area .

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