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What is Yoga

The Guru of Ananda Marga explains Yoga

The word yoga is derived as the Sanskrit root verb yuinj plus the suffix ghain. Or alternatively, the root verb yuj plus the suffix ghain. If yoga is derived as yuj + ghain, it means "addition", such as "two plus two equals four." But if yoga is derived as yuinj + ghain, it means "unification", such as the unification of sugar and water. When sugar and water are mixed, you will no longer find sugar separate from water. But in the case of "two plus two equals four," you will find the first "two" and the second "two" separately. Two mangoes plus two mangoes equals four mangoes: here you will still be able to see the four mangoes separately. So in the case of yuj + ghain, yoga means "unity" or "addition", and in the alternative case it means "unification".

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Yoga, Asanas and Ananda Marga

In the West we have come to associate the word yoga with many destinct physical postures and mental relaxation techniques. In Ananda Marga however, these destict physical postures coupled with relaxation tehniques are only a very tiny, if not at all part of yoga as described by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, the Guru of Ananda Marga.

In Ananda Marga, the term asanas is used to embody these destinct physical postures.

Asanas "are postures comfortably held".

Asanas has direct effect in glands, nerves, muscles and all the organs of the body. They give numerous beneficial effects to the body. However, their most important effect is on the mind. While performing asanas, a practitioner systematically exerts pressure on his/her glands. This results in the regulation of hormonal secretion which subsequently affect emotions. One's emotional state is inextricably link to the mind. When emotional balance is obtained from doing asanas, one can go on further by doing concentration and meditation which is the essential focus in developing the mind. Through the discipline of asanas, the practitioner gradually learns to keep the mind and body poised in all situations. A perfectly functioning body and a mind free from emotional disturbances. This is the aim of asanas.

Yoga clearly explained by the monk of Ananda Marga

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